New Tecumseth Optometry Clinic
4 Victoria St E Alliston ON L9R 1T4 (705) 435-2020

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Alliston, ON
(705) 435-2020
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Eye Wellness & Nutrition

Looking at Your Diet, Lifestyle, and Eye Wellness

Your Lifestyle Can Have a Greater Impact On Your Wellness Than You Realize

While it seems the pressure is on all of us these days to place more emphasis on healthier lifestyle choices, if you suffer from an eye disease or are undergoing vision therapy, your lifestyle and diet play an important role in improving your eye wellness.

This is especially true if you are diabetic, where deviating too frequently from your ideal blood sugar levels can have significant impacts on your visual acuity in the form of diabetic retinopathy.

Looking at Eye Wellness Holistically

Nutrition is Important

The benefits of good nutrition when it comes to physical fitness, cardiovascular health, or weight management are well understood by most people. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to people’s understanding of how nutrition impacts their eyes.

If you are developing Glaucoma or Age-Related Macular Degeneration, you likely already know the role nutrition plays in slowing the progression of the disease.

During a wellness assessment, we leverage the advanced diagnostic tools available to us in order to get a clear picture of what’s happening with your eyes and what direction to take to influence positive changes.

We will provide you with information and guidance with respect to which changes needed to be made and how to make them.

Our interest is first and foremost on your quality of life. In that regard, we encourage you to ask questions and cultivate a genuine interest in your eyes and your health overall.

For many of our patients, the hardest part of adapting to new changes is that initial push. We will help you throughout the process, providing the right information and guidance needed to help you realize the tremendous benefits associated with a healthier lifestyle.

We understand that your life is yours to live, and we respect the decisions our patients make. Our sole focus is on your overall eye health, and in providing you with the best optical care we can.

What You'll Find at New Tecumseth Optometry

Our clinic is completely wheelchair accessible and has been recently renovated to update our exam and testing rooms. You’ll also find our eyewear boutique showing off many of the latest styles of frames and sunglasses from trendy new brands, as well as your old favourites from brands you already love.

Thanks to our on-site lab, we are able to significantly reduce the lead time between when you receive your prescription and when your new set of glasses or sunglasses are ready. Using our Optics Lab, we are better able to monitor quality of the lenses and frames that we offer our patients and clients.

At NTOC we have advanced imaging equipment called the Cirrus HD-OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). The OCT not only takes pictures of the eye, it can also take direct cross-sectional images of the retina and optic nerve thereby screening for eye disease such as macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma. It is a very useful tool for early diagnosis and management of eye disease.
Click here to learn more about OCT Imaging

Location Information

We are located in the heart of Alliston.
Found on the corner of Church St N and Victoria St E, our clinic is easy to find. If you are unfamiliar with the area, we are across the street from the Alliston Library, and just east of the Bank of Montreal.

Free parking is available behind the Dollar Store as well as the Town Square.


4 Victoria St E
Alliston, ON L9R 1T4

Contact Information

Phone: (705) 435-2020
Fax: (705) 435-5031
  • Monday: 8:30am - 5pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30am - 8pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30am - 8pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am - 8pm
  • Friday: 9:30am - 5pm
  • Saturday: 8am - 1pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Dr. Hani Amarnath
  • Dr. John Peacock
  • And Associates
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