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Cataract Exam & Treatment

More Than 2.5 Million Canadians Suffer from Cataracts

Cataracts Are Treatable and Easily Diagnosed

There is a popular misconception that losing your visual acuity is an inevitable consequence of aging. In reality, vision loss due to cataracts can be treated with a safe and routine surgical procedure. Vision quality between 20/20 and 20/40 can be safely restored via cataract surgery.

Is Cataract Surgery Right for You?

If you’re considering cataract surgery, book to come see us for an eye exam to determine your candidacy. We will perform a routine examination of your eyes as well as assess the status of your cataracts, overall eye health, and assess other variables that influence the outcome of your surgery.

Assuming that you are a candidate, we will then refer you to an Ophthalmologist who will perform the procedure.

What to Expect from Surgery

Surgery sounds scary. It isn’t- in fact, cataract removal surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed in North America. It is a staple of modern eye care and something that our Optometrists – and associated Ophthalmologists – are well versed in.

The Ophthalmologist will replace your clouded lens with a clear intraocular lens (IOL). The IOL is made of plastic and closely emulates the function of your original lens. The successful result of this procedure is the significant improvement of your vision.

The surgery itself is quite mild, with minor discomfort for a few weeks post-surgery. By the time the season changes your surgery will be long forgotten and your vision will be improved!

More Information About Cataracts

By age 60, most Canadians have some level of cataract development in one or both eyes. This is due to the change in the lens of your eye and is unavoidable for most people.

Cataract Development & Symptoms

If you have regular eye exams you are likely well-versed on the development of your cataracts. If you are not, you may notice a slow and gradual change to your vision:

  • Vision becomes hazy or cloudy, like looking through a cloudy shower door
  • Colours appear faded, or you may not be able to distinguish between them at all
  • A coloured “haze” slowly develops, like an old Polaroid photograph
  • Glare from light sources, especially at night

The risk factors that impact cataract development are currently definitively unknown, though there are studies that suggest that the items below may influence cataract development:

  • Prior eye injury
  • Prior eye surgery
  • UV radiation (from sunlight, digital displays, and other UV sources)
  • Extended use of corticosteroid medications
  • Family history/genetics
The Three Major Types of Cataracts

There are many types of cataracts. The three most common are:

  • Subcapsular Cataract – Occurs at the back of the lens. People with diabetes or using steroidal medications are at greater risk to develop these.
  • Nuclear Cataract – Forms in the nucleus of the lens. In some cases, a nuclear cataract can cause “second sight”, where your visual acuity is temporarily increased. This effect wears off as the cataract develops.
  • Cortical Cataract – Occurs in the lens cortex (the tissue surrounding the central nucleus). Opaque white flecks begin to form around the centre of the lens (similar to the spokes on a wheel).

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NTOC Testimonials

  • Since 2004, Dr. Peacock and Dr. Amarnath of NTOC have very capably managed my eye care needs in conjunction with my Ophthalmologist. As a regular patient at their clinic, I can attest to their competence and to their hightech equipment. The NTOC Optometrists have an excellent working relationship with the two Ophthalmologists who have privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. This is so important to their patients who are determined to require the next level of eye care. Their staff are very pleasant, friendly and helpful. NTOC is a great place to entrust your eyes.

    J.J. Paul Whiteside, CMA, FCMA, Alliston

  • Dr. Amarnath and Dr. Peacock have been more than accommodating under both our planned and emergency situations. NTOC always provides flexible options and they are always happy to see us. Each visit is a very positive experience. The services and products they provide are comprehensive, but not high-pressured, and they provide service and guarantees that are much higher than industry standards. We totally enjoy and appreciate being their patients and recommend NTOC without reservation.

    Maryann & Gordon Foy, Alliston

  • When I experienced a serious eye condition in 2006, I was very impressed with the knowledge, expertise, and quick response by Dr. Amarnath and his team at NTOC. I was referred to an eye specialist the very same day, and my follow-up care was thorough and efficient, even to this day. This team works with absolute professionalism, and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

    Gregg Fullarton, Cookstown

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Peacock since 2002, and find him to be very competent and thorough. Dr.Peacock genuinely listens to any concerns I have about my eyes, and takes the time to enquire with interest about my family. His team is always pleasant, polite and helpful, making me feel very comfortable when I visit the clinic.

    Patricia Murphy, New Tecumseth

  • I was very impressed with my first visit. From the moment I walked in, the staff was more than friendly and she did her best to explain procedures and tests that would be done today. I am a very nervous eye patient and Dr. Peacock did everything to ease my tensions and explain all procedures. When choosing my glasses, I felt very confident in her suggestions and was very pleased with the time taken to ensure the correct choice and fit. All in all, I am thrilled with my choice of optometrist office. And, I look forward to my next visit. Something I have never experienced before. Thank you.

    Merry Clayton, New Tecumseth