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Childrens' Eye Exams

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We Believe That Vision & Health Maintenance Starts When We’re Young

Eye See…Eye Learn®

This program – funded in part by the Province of Ontario – provides junior kindergarten kids with a complimentary eye exam as well as a pair of glasses (if required).

Up to 80% of learning comes directly through vision. Given the importance of eye health and the impact it can have on learning, the Eye See…Eye Learn® program ensures that all kids have the tools they need to be successful as they begin their academic adventure.

The eye exam is covered by OHIP, meaning there is no out of pocket expense for you. If your child requires glasses a pair will be provided at no cost (a $250 value) by Nikon Lenswear, OGI, and our clinic.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the Eye See…Eye Learn® program.

Covered by OHIP as well as family benefits plans

Did you know that OHIP provides coverage for an annual eye exam for all kids under age 19? As well, most workplace benefits programs that cover your family also provide coverage for eye exams.

Important Information to Know

Newborns should have their first eye exam before they are 18 months old or as prescribed by an Optometrist. Children should have eye exams annually. OHIP provides coverage for children age 0 – 19 years of age.

75% of Vision Loss is Preventable

Many forms of developing eye conditions – such as strabismus or amblyopia – can be treated effectively when detected early.

25% of Children Develop Vision Concerns

As children grow into adults their bodies undergo rapid change. During this time, changes to their eyes can impact their vision. It’s no surprise that 1 in 4 live with some kind of vision problem by the time they enter school.

Eye Exams Say What Your Child Cannot

Often, your child may not know how to articulate the changes to their vision that they are experiencing. If an eye disease has been progressing for some time, such as myopia, your child may not actually realize that they even have a vision problem in the first place.

An eye exam is objective, enabling us to gain clear perspective on the health of your child’s eyes.

We Love Teaching Kids About Their Eyes!

The more kids know about their eyes, the better equipped they are to enjoy a lifetime of great eye health.

Next Steps

What You Should Expect During Your Child’s Eye Exam

The tests that we perform during our eye exams are non-invasive and use modern testing equipment to deliver timely and accurate results.

The entire process, from arrival to departure, averages between 45 – 60 minutes. During this time we will perform the exam and then discuss the results. We will also create or update your child’s eyeglass/contact prescription (if applicable).

In future appointments, we will also discuss changes in eye health and development over time.

Eyeglass Frames for Every Style & Budget

We’ve cultivated an inventory of fashion-forward frames from some of the world’s most well known eyewear brands. If your child wears glasses, they’ll love the range in styles we have to choose from.

We know kids need fun, colorful styles and shapes to choose from and parents want durable, practical and quality products at a great price. We fill all those requirements when it comes to kid’s eyewear. Book your child’s eye exam today!

NTOC Testimonials

  • Since 2004, Dr. Peacock and Dr. Amarnath of NTOC have very capably managed my eye care needs in conjunction with my Ophthalmologist. As a regular patient at their clinic, I can attest to their competence and to their hightech equipment. The NTOC Optometrists have an excellent working relationship with the two Ophthalmologists who have privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. This is so important to their patients who are determined to require the next level of eye care. Their staff are very pleasant, friendly and helpful. NTOC is a great place to entrust your eyes.

    J.J. Paul Whiteside, CMA, FCMA, Alliston

  • Dr. Amarnath and Dr. Peacock have been more than accommodating under both our planned and emergency situations. NTOC always provides flexible options and they are always happy to see us. Each visit is a very positive experience. The services and products they provide are comprehensive, but not high-pressured, and they provide service and guarantees that are much higher than industry standards. We totally enjoy and appreciate being their patients and recommend NTOC without reservation.

    Maryann & Gordon Foy, Alliston

  • When I experienced a serious eye condition in 2006, I was very impressed with the knowledge, expertise, and quick response by Dr. Amarnath and his team at NTOC. I was referred to an eye specialist the very same day, and my follow-up care was thorough and efficient, even to this day. This team works with absolute professionalism, and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

    Gregg Fullarton, Cookstown

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Peacock since 2002, and find him to be very competent and thorough. Dr.Peacock genuinely listens to any concerns I have about my eyes, and takes the time to enquire with interest about my family. His team is always pleasant, polite and helpful, making me feel very comfortable when I visit the clinic.

    Patricia Murphy, New Tecumseth

  • I was very impressed with my first visit. From the moment I walked in, the staff was more than friendly and she did her best to explain procedures and tests that would be done today. I am a very nervous eye patient and Dr. Peacock did everything to ease my tensions and explain all procedures. When choosing my glasses, I felt very confident in her suggestions and was very pleased with the time taken to ensure the correct choice and fit. All in all, I am thrilled with my choice of optometrist office. And, I look forward to my next visit. Something I have never experienced before. Thank you.

    Merry Clayton, New Tecumseth