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Glaucoma Testing and Management

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Glaucoma is Often Asymptomatic and Painless, Making it Imperative to Catch it Preemptively.

Glaucoma Cannot Be Cured But It Can Be Controlled

At this time there is no permanent solution for Glaucoma. However, depending on the type of Glaucoma you have, there are various management tools and treatments that can slow or halt further progression of the disease.

These include eye drops, oral medication, as well as laser and classical surgical techniques.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Often, Glaucoma develops undetected. Most forms of Glaucoma are painless and asymptomatic (initially). Glaucoma develops over time, slowly worsening your vision. If left undetected long enough you may develop “tunnel vision”, where your ability to see via your peripheral vision becomes greatly reduced.

Certain types of Glaucoma – notably, acute angle-closure Glaucoma – can present sudden symptoms, including:

  • Blurry vision
  • Eye pain, often significant
  • Nausea, vomiting, acid reflux
  • Sensitivity to lights, halos
The Different Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma comes in two main flavours, each with their own variations. Open-Angle Glaucoma (OAG) and Narrow Angle Glaucoma.

Variations of OAG include: primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), normal-tension glaucoma (NTG), pigmentary glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, secondary glaucoma and congenital glaucoma.

Variations of narrow angle glaucoma include include acute angle closure glaucoma, chronic angle closure glaucoma, and neovascular glaucoma.

Important Information About Glaucoma

Glaucoma Has No Clear-Cut Cause

Glaucoma is not categorized by a cause so much as the nature of the damage it does to your optic nerve. This damage is almost always irreversible- it can only be prevented, not repaired.

Diagnosing Glaucoma

Testing for Glaucoma is part of your eye exam. Using a tonometer, we measure your intraocular pressure (IOP). We also test via optical coherence tomography (OCT) to measure the health of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) and macula. Visual field testing gives us perspective on your field of vision and as well as whether or not you have or are developing for blind spots.

Next Steps

Information About Glaucoma Treatment & Surgical Options

Typical Glaucoma Treatments

The most common treatments for Glaucoma are medicated eye drops, which work to lower your intraocular pressure (IOP). The eye drops work by reducing the amount of fluid created in the eye, as well as by helping the eye discharge the fluid it does create.

There are also surgical options for Glaucoma:

  • Laser Trabeculoplasty – This procedure facilitates fluid drainage from your eye, thereby stimulating a lower IOP. Suitable for open-angle Glaucoma
  • Laser Iridotomy – A laser creates a small hole in your iris, enabling fluid to drain via the drainage angle and thus lowering IOP. Suitable for closed-angle Glaucoma
  • Non-Laser Options – Due to the effectiveness of eye drops and the laser procedures mentioned above, traditional surgerical methods (peripheral iridectormy, trabeculectomy, aqueous shunts) are rarely performed

Do Not Deviate From Your Treatment

It is easy to downplay the importance of strict adherence to treatment because Glaucoma often shows no symptoms. We implore you not to neglect treatment as the cost of doing so can be severe.

Many people that experience significant loss or blindness as a result from Glaucoma do so because they fail to adhere to their treatment. It cannot be understated how important it is to stay on top of your medications (whether they are eye drops or oral).

If you find your eye drops uncomfortable, or if you are experiencing negative side effects, do not discontinue use until you have talked to us first.

NTOC Testimonials

  • Since 2004, Dr. Peacock and Dr. Amarnath of NTOC have very capably managed my eye care needs in conjunction with my Ophthalmologist. As a regular patient at their clinic, I can attest to their competence and to their hightech equipment. The NTOC Optometrists have an excellent working relationship with the two Ophthalmologists who have privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. This is so important to their patients who are determined to require the next level of eye care. Their staff are very pleasant, friendly and helpful. NTOC is a great place to entrust your eyes.

    J.J. Paul Whiteside, CMA, FCMA, Alliston

  • Dr. Amarnath and Dr. Peacock have been more than accommodating under both our planned and emergency situations. NTOC always provides flexible options and they are always happy to see us. Each visit is a very positive experience. The services and products they provide are comprehensive, but not high-pressured, and they provide service and guarantees that are much higher than industry standards. We totally enjoy and appreciate being their patients and recommend NTOC without reservation.

    Maryann & Gordon Foy, Alliston

  • When I experienced a serious eye condition in 2006, I was very impressed with the knowledge, expertise, and quick response by Dr. Amarnath and his team at NTOC. I was referred to an eye specialist the very same day, and my follow-up care was thorough and efficient, even to this day. This team works with absolute professionalism, and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

    Gregg Fullarton, Cookstown

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Peacock since 2002, and find him to be very competent and thorough. Dr.Peacock genuinely listens to any concerns I have about my eyes, and takes the time to enquire with interest about my family. His team is always pleasant, polite and helpful, making me feel very comfortable when I visit the clinic.

    Patricia Murphy, New Tecumseth

  • I was very impressed with my first visit. From the moment I walked in, the staff was more than friendly and she did her best to explain procedures and tests that would be done today. I am a very nervous eye patient and Dr. Peacock did everything to ease my tensions and explain all procedures. When choosing my glasses, I felt very confident in her suggestions and was very pleased with the time taken to ensure the correct choice and fit. All in all, I am thrilled with my choice of optometrist office. And, I look forward to my next visit. Something I have never experienced before. Thank you.

    Merry Clayton, New Tecumseth