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Laser Eye Surgery: The Difference Between LASIK, LASEK, & PRK

Everyone’s heard of laser eye surgery. It’s only once you look a little deeper that scary, nonsensical terms like LASIK, LASEK and PRK start cropping up everywhere and complicating things! The good news is that these acronyms are nothing to worry about: they simply describe the 3 most commonly practiced…

Published: 2017-03-09Read Article
Protecting Your Eyes Over Winter

Protecting your eyes over winter should become an essential part of your daily routine. Not only will this protection help you feel less drained or irritated over the course of winter, but it can pay huge dividends for your eye health much later in life. Let’s look at why protecting…

Published: 2016-12-30Read Article
Understand the Brand: Ray-Ban

Founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, Ray Ban sunglasses have become iconic for their design and notoriety. Their signature styles, the ‘Wayfarer’ and ‘Aviator’ lines, date back to 1952. It's rare to find eyewear with a history that storied, and that’s part of what makes a pair of Ray-Bans…

Published: 2016-12-01Read Article
Contact Lenses for Those Who “Can’t Wear Contacts”

Have You Ever Tried Scleral Contact Lenses? At one point or another, anyone who wears corrective lenses is going to wonder whether or not they should make the switch from glasses to contact lenses. Glasses are an obvious (and easy) introduction to corrective lenses, but for many people, their drawbacks…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes from UV Light

Your eyes are amazing things: with them, you can experience some of the most wonderful parts of our world. The visual experience that we enjoy is unique to us, and because of that it’s something that we strongly advocate our patients to preserve and protect. On a sunny day there’s…

Published: 2016-06-16Read Article