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Eye Exams are an Important Part of
Eye Wellness

75% of vision loss can be prevented, assuming early detection and treatment. It’s a staggering statistic, and routine eye care can help.

Regular eye exams are an essential component of preventive health care because they assess your overall eye health and allow for the early detection of ocular diseases. Because most eye diseases are asymptomatic in their initial stages, eye exams can find a condition before it leads to irreversible damage.

We generally recommend annual eye exams, but everyone is different. Our optometrists may suggest a different schedule for you based on your unique needs.

Fast & Thorough Eye Exams

We invest in your eye health by investing in advanced diagnostic technology. This technology allows us to view your eyes, inside and out, in high-definition detail. This helps our optometrists and staff to provide you with a detailed eye exam and accurate results.
During your eye exam, we:

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

Before the eye exam, we complete a few diagnostic tests:

Once the initial diagnostics have been completed, our optometrist performs several tests to assess your ocular health:

Eye Exams Are Covered By Most Benefits

If you have medical coverage provided by your employer, chances are they include coverage for scheduled eye exams. Many insurance providers offer coverage for eye exams once every 18 or 24 months.

If you have questions about your coverage, we recommend reaching out to your provider for more information.

Advanced Technology for More Accurate Results

Technology like OCT scans allow us to gain a clear and in-depth assessment of your eye health. We can detect the onset of eye diseases earlier to better monitor their progression over time and provide you with comprehensive treatments.

Eye Exams for Those Over 65

As we age, our eyes change. Some of these changes increase our risk of developing age-related eye conditions that can impact our vision. Because of these changes, the Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends adults over 65 undergo annual eye exams.

In most cases, vision loss is permanent, meaning early detection and prevention are your best (and only) line of defence.

OHIP covers annual eye exams for all individuals 65 and older, or if you have a specific health condition that requires close monitoring. We will go over your coverage and any necessary steps if needed.

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