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Considering Contact Lenses? NTOC Specializes In Contact Lenses!

Contact lens technology has improved significantly over the last couple of decades. Today, there are contacts available for the vast majority of prescriptions and lifestyle needs.

Choose from monofocal, bifocal, or multifocal lenses. If you have astigmatism, a specialty toric contact lens is available to help correct your vision. The options really are endless!

Getting Contact Lenses

Before you can get a prescription for contact lenses, you need a comprehensive eye exam. The eye exam validates your prescription and notes any medical conditions or changes in your eye health.

Your prescription dictates your contact lens’s strength, but when it comes to choosing which lens is best for you, there are many things outside of the prescription to consider.

Lifestyle factors play a significant role in choosing the right type of contact lens for you. Your eyes’ physical characteristics—like the size of your pupils and irises and the curvature of your cornea—play a large role in fitting the right lenses.

Our optometrists measure the surface of your eye to determine which brands and shapes would be the most comfortable.

Scleral contact lenses are for those with irregularly shaped corneas that can’t wear traditional lenses. If you would like to wear contacts but have been told that your eyes were unsuitable in the past, you may find scleral contact lenses to be the solution.

Ask us about Onefit™ scleral lenses during your next appointment!

Many brands of contact lenses offer trials. A trial fitting is a perfect way to test a lens brand and style before committing. During this trial period, you’ll get a sense of how comfortable the contacts are to wear and if they’re appropriate for your lifestyle and needs.

During your contact lens fitting and consultation, you’ll be fitted with the trial lenses and trained on how to insert, remove, and care for them. We’ll then book you for a follow-up visit to assess the lenses after a week or 2 of wear.

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We’re excited to show you the opportunities contact lenses can give you! Please call us today and request your exam and fitting.

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