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Laser refractive surgery is a great option for those who require vision correction but are looking for more freedom than what glasses or contact lenses can give. Laser eye surgery is a common procedure that offers long-lasting—often permanent—vision correction.

Pre & Post-Operative Consultation

Before you can have laser surgery, you’ll need a surgical consultation and comprehensive eye exam. During the consultation, you’ll undergo several tests and measurements to determine your candidacy for the procedure. These include (but are not limited to):

After your surgery, many of these same tests are performed again to confirm the treatment’s effectiveness and whether or not additional correction is required.

Determining Candidacy

While refractive surgery is a good option for most, everyone is different, and not all will benefit from the procedure. Our optometrists work with you to determine if refractive surgery is right for you and suggest alternative options if you are not a candidate.

Candidacy is determined through thorough testing and a conversation about your needs and lifestyle. Some health conditions and lifestyle factors, like your career, may make laser eye may mean eye surgery won’t benefit you.

Financial Considerations

In Ontario, laser refractive surgery is considered an elective procedure, so OHIP does not cover this surgery’s costs. It is also unlikely that your third-party benefits provider will offer coverage. However, we have seen patients use their health spending accounts for this surgery.

Although the cost of laser eye surgery is becoming more accessible, it can still be prohibitive for some. It’s important to carefully consider the cost and weigh the benefits refractive surgery offers you to see if it’s worth it for you. We can certainly counsel you on this during your consultation.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Your surgery won’t be performed at our clinic. We’ll refer you to a trusted surgical specialist in the area. The procedure processes differ slightly depending on the type of surgery you’ll have. You’ll be given detailed information before you undergo any procedure so you can be fully prepared.

No matter the surgery, the procedure itself will only take a few minutes. However, expect to be at the clinic for at least 2 hours. This time allows for pre and post-operative care, preparation for the surgery, and gives you time to ask questions or voice your concerns.

Laser Refractive Surgery vs. Glasses or Contact Lenses

The benefits of refractive surgery are tremendous, especially if you find glasses or contact lenses uncomfortable.

If you’ve ever considered laser eye surgery, then please request a consultation with us today! We will happily counsel you on each procedure’s benefits and risks and work with you to determine if it’s the right decision for you.

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