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Alliston, ON
(705) 435-2020
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Protecting Your Eyes Over Winter

Protecting your eyes over winter should become an essential part of your daily routine. Not only will this protection help you feel less drained or irritated over the course of winter, but it can pay huge dividends for your eye health much later in life.
Let’s look at why protecting your eyes over winter is so important, as well as some steps we can take to maintain our eye health.

Don’t Forget About the Sunshine

Something that most of us forget (quite reasonably) is that sunburn is very common in winter! Did you know that snow can reflect up to 80% of the harmful UV radiation from sunlight back into our eyes? If you’re walking in the snow, or skiing or snowboarding, make sure to wear appropriate eye protection like goggles or UV-absorbing sunglasses.

Winter Eye Conditions

There are certain conditions which only show themselves during winter, or which are exacerbated by the cold or dry conditions. The most common such conditions is dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye

This condition can affect people throughout the year (especially if you’re prone to seasonal allergies like hay fever) but its influence is enhanced by the cold weather. Cold and wind can whip a good deal of moisture from your eyes, and it’s this lack of lubrication on the eye which causes:

  • Itchy, sore and reddened eyes.
  • Tiredness.
  • A burning sensation under the eyelid.
  • Difficulty keeping your eyes open.

Simple steps like drinking more water, and maintaining a fluid-rich diet (such as fresh soups or fruit) can give extra lubrication to the eyes, as a preventative measure. If you are symptomatic, then eye drops and warm compresses can often provide the relief you need.  
Learn more about dry eye.

Preventative Eye Care in Winter

It’s fortunate that there are treatment options in place for conditions like dry eye, but in winter it is imperative that we exercise preventative eye care and try to avoid any eye problems at all. These are steps we can take to protect our eyes all year round, but are even more important in winter.

  • Keep your eyes moist. Dryness can lead to irritation and pain in the eyes, and possibly even time off work if you can’t concentrate. Try installing a humidifier to counteract them and bring a healthy amount of moisture to your eyes.
  • Blink regularly. Did you know that your cornea (the front part of the eye) can actually freeze if exposed to prolonged sub-zero temperatures? We often fight the urge to blink in a cold wind, but embrace it: take a few steps with your eyes closed if you have to!

Take regular breaks away from digital screens. Eyestrain isn’t a problem unique to winter, but if your eyes are already struggling from the cold and dry air, you can bet that they’re going to be more easily strained than usual. Try the 20:20:20 rule: every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet away for more than 20 seconds, and give your eyes a break.

What You'll Find at New Tecumseth Optometry

Our clinic is completely wheelchair accessible and has been recently renovated to update our exam and testing rooms. You’ll also find our eyewear boutique showing off many of the latest styles of frames and sunglasses from trendy new brands, as well as your old favourites from brands you already love.

Thanks to our on-site lab, we are able to significantly reduce the lead time between when you receive your prescription and when your new set of glasses or sunglasses are ready. Using our Optics Lab, we are better able to monitor quality of the lenses and frames that we offer our patients and clients.

At NTOC we have advanced imaging equipment called the Cirrus HD-OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). The OCT not only takes pictures of the eye, it can also take direct cross-sectional images of the retina and optic nerve thereby screening for eye disease such as macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma. It is a very useful tool for early diagnosis and management of eye disease.
Click here to learn more about OCT Imaging

Location Information

We are located in the heart of Alliston.
Found on the corner of Church St N and Victoria St E, our clinic is easy to find. If you are unfamiliar with the area, we are across the street from the Alliston Library, and just east of the Bank of Montreal.

Free parking is available behind the Dollar Store as well as the Town Square.


4 Victoria St E
Alliston, ON L9R 1T4

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